Friday, April 24, 2009

Time flies

I'd love to say it's when you're having fun, but actually it's when you have work coming in at a silly rate and other life stuff happening too. Where did the week go? Tuesday was good we got a lot of finishing touches put on quilts. It was nice to have a chance to quilt in front of people. It'd hard to explain what I do and really the only way make it clear is for people to see me work. One was a customer and she seemed really pleased to have seen me in action. hopefully now Tet has a new camera I might be able to make some short videos.

Wednesday was the first day of a new term. I always find it a bit of a shock to the system. An early morning and lots of teaching really takes it out of me, then I had to come home and get on with the quilt on the frame. Typically the one on the frame isn't urgent but there are several that are waiting to go on. I could have taken it off the frame but then I would have lost so long time wise it really isn't worth it. I just have to get it finished and then move on.

This weekend we should be racing. Sadly the weather isn't looking like playing ball, so I will be taking advantage of the down time to write. I've got final notes and corrections on book one to do, and I am hoping I might be able to finish book two as well. If I do all that I have several other patterns I would like to get written up too. I'm wondering if I can find a couple of brackets I can hook over my steering wheel to support the laptop. It's won't be great ergonomics but it will be a lot better than resting it on my lap. I laughed at the desks you can buy to put over the steering wheel when I saw them, I get the point now. So all in all I will probably be a bit quite for a while. You'll just have to trust me I'm working hard and there will soon be a lot more interesting quilts to be seen at the NEC this year.

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