Monday, April 27, 2009

Rain today.

I don't know what is more amazing, a race weekend without rain or getting to the semi-finals. They are both pretty good and rather strange. The car wasn't real on the ball this weekend, there was no consistency to it's times at all. I have no idea how we won, and I did feel bad about it. I have no problem with winning when I feel we were better, but on luck it bothers me. Still I guess you have to take it when you get it. Sadly the same can be said of sunburn. New factor 50 sun block and a hat and covering up didn't manage to protect me. It is very exposed at the track so it isn't entirely surprising, but it is frustrating. Tesco cheapy sensitive after sun seems pretty good though. Very soothing and moisturising. The weather has realised it's mistake and it is pouring down now.

The writing didn't go as well yesterday. I find it harder to concentrate between races than between qualifying. Still I did make good progress over the weekend and I can now think about typesetting. I might even be able to get the pattern to a tester in the next couple of weeks which would be great. Although I have just remembered another pattern I need to get written up pretty urgently. I wish I had thought of it before I went :(

Anyway there is a quilt calling me and I had better go and attend to it while I wait for every delivery in the world to arrive. I think there are about 5 parcels due today and all from different carriers. No chance to concentrate today.


Lana said...

Sorry to hear about the sunburn. I've managed to avoid it (except on my ankles once) by never appearing outside without the world's largest, and Rod says, most unattractive, floppy hat. Indian men, especially the less educated ones, aren't supposed to be able to control their urges, so I feel my hat serves a dual purpose. It doesn't matter how good the hat is, however, if your ankles want to get burnt, they will. At least you've got a good chance of your parcels turning up!

Amanda Sheridan said...

My post painful sunburn ever was when I had really short hair and the tips of both my ears caught the sun after an afternoon on the beach helping my sun build sandcastles. Hurt like mad and couldn't lie on either side to sleep for a couple of days. You have my sympathy!

Ferret said...

At least I only slightly singed my ears. I tend to stick my hair behind mine so it doesn't protect them, hence the hat.

As it goes I've had worse but my skin isn't happy today. Of course I have to be careful about moisturising it when I am quilting as I don't want to leave grease on the quilts. Actually that is why I am on the computer right now.