Monday, April 20, 2009

Still here

Sorry it's been a while folks, life has been getting in the way of blogging. As well as racing Easter is apparently the time to be ill. It seems everyone I know has had a variation of a stinking cold, and that has meant everything has been going slower than it should. I know it can't be helped but I still find it very frustrating.

I know it's late notice but if you are at a loose end tomorrow between 10am and 4pm please consider coming along to Patchwork Corner for a Linus day. We have some projects to finish off and get to new good homes. Any and all help will be made use of.

Now for the exciting news that has kept me from my quilting to blog. Ferret Fabrications is officially a publisher. We have our allocation of ISBN numbers and the first have been allocated to books. Somehow for me this makes things official. Now all I have to do is play catch up with Cy. I am thrilled his first novel will launch before my book, it seems like the proper order, but now I am on a mission to sell as many books as he does. It's going to be a tall order I suspect, but that is one reason it's a good target for me. Do feel free to buy his book and increase my challenge, I like something to work at. He is also rather happy, as the follow up to Cancertown has been approved. This is good news for me too. I know I will enjoy the story and it means I cn now look forward to more of it. Win win in my book.

Sorry that's all for now. I need to write some more of book two and get some quilting done before tomorrow.


Penny said...

Oh that's really exciting! Your own ISBNs!

Unfortunately, I can't come to the shop tomorrow, hope you get lots of other people along.

Cy Dethan said...

Great stuff! I hope this is the first of many for both of us.