Sunday, November 09, 2008

New quilt to share

I've been dying to share this quilt on here, but I wanted to wait until the model had seen it. I had been asked to take a photograph for his web site, but this one struck me as too good not to use as a quilt. Fortunately he is quite obliging and gave me permission to use it, but I did feel that gave him the right to see it first. He only ran screaming as much as you would expect anyone suddenly meeting a large portrait of themselves so I figure I've done OK.

It isn't quilted yet, and that will be a challenge, I find faces very hard to quilt, but I guess I had to tackle that problem sooner or later, and as this is part of a triptych I should get a fair amount of practice. The tattoo will also be a challenge. I normally like to quilt in the contour lines of the body, and I like to match the thread to the fabric, so I guess there will be a lot of starts and stops there. Well it will be fun I am sure.

Yesterday I got to help a friend make her first quilt. An advent calender. I would like to point out we even made it in time. That's pretty impressive given the idea was only formed at the NEC this year and we a are both stupidly busy. She would like to add more quilting (it already has more than most get) but will probably leave that to be done in time for next year. I wonder if you would have one which you added to every year so it would be both an old friend and something new each time. I guess that will be one of those ideas I have to kick about for a while as I think it would be quite a nice thing to do. Now I need to go and work on a customer quilt and a clever idea I had an started yesterday. People really should start saving me from myself. I have far too many ideas.


Penny said...

Very cool! Who are going to be in the other parts of the triptych?

Insomnia said...

Thanks so much for helping me make my first quilt. As I have said before, when you taught me to take a bike engine apart and clean it, you are a brilliant teacher. I'm sure I wouldn't have learnt so much or gained confidence so quickly with anyone else.

As you say, when I am better / have more time I would like to add more to it, and I love your idea of adding to it every year. Particularly with all those pretty beads and gems and such we saw at the festival of quilts.

Actually - I know you make wedding quilts and it would be a great idea to have one of those that is added to every year for the anniversary with something that represents the year just passed - either directly (eg woven strands of a new childs' hair) or in a more impressionist way.

Quilt of Cy is great.