Wednesday, August 08, 2012


This Monday was another private class. This time one of my students suggested a cfabric dyeing session in her home. That's brave but she isn't daft. Her house is having major building work done and she reasoned we couldn't trash it any more than thew builders ;) what a great attitude, and probably right. Of course when you demonstrate dyeing you end up with new fabric to play with, well after several hours of rinsing you do.

I was thrilled to find I had a shade of purple I've not had before. I am fairly sure now it is a water problem so we had used rainwater this time for all the dye. This should be softer than the local tap water. In fact quite a few of the coulours have come out different shades to normal, which I think is rather fun. It'sa left me wanting to travel around the country teaching dyeing. It would be an amazing way to collect different colours of fabric.

Most of my blacks this time are rather swampy, but I did get one run of 4 shades that look really promising. I also think I have a plan for the rainbow. They may be finding themselves in a quilt very very soon.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the dyeing, yes it was fun, but are you sure that you will get the fabrics into a quilt first?

Anonymous said...

I will be using mine the beginning of September, so go for it. It would be great to see these fabrics used. - Ferret (blogger won't let me log in)