Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sitges - gallery

As well as teaching in Sitges I also had a gallery exhibition of a few of my quilts. It was in a building I am told was a fishermans house. It's on a very narrow street in what I assume is the old town.
Before going I had no idea how big this show is. Approximately 12,000 people bought tickets to see the exhibitions! The traders were in tents on the seafront. These aren't grotty tents mind you, these are quite post with proper floors and good lighting.  Entry to the vendors is free.

If you want to see the quilts, be it the galleries from the artists or the competition quilts you need to buy a ticket. I think the ticket was 10 Euros, and it is a wristband that lets you visit all the exhibitions as many times as you like during the four day show.

The exhibits are spread around the town, and I was lucky enough to be the middle of three that were close together. The first was the main building where the classes were held and where bought tickets. In the same venue was an exhibition ofBaltimore Album quilts by Elly Sienkiewicz. From there I was the next stop on the tour and boy did that mean I was busy.

The pictures apparently don't really capture it. I guess I was busier when the room was full and when we had the huge queue outside I couldn't have got out of the door.

I heard from my stewards, two lovely hard working young ladies, that Thursday was quiet. Apparently Friday and Saturday the days I was working were much busier. In fact I apparently had a 30 minute queue waiting to come in and see my work. That is an amazing ego boost so thank you very much to everyone who waited so long. We did have to restrict the number of people coming in as the gallery was quite small and an unusual shape. We really didn't need any accidents to people or quilts.
From my gallery you carried on up the road to Carol Taylors gallery. I popped in one night on the way home and I loved what I found. If you aren't familiar with her work do go and take a look on her website here. It turns out we share not only similar tastes in food and quilts but also in fabric she is another Heide Stoll-Weber fan. She even made me feel good about how much I spend on hand dyed fabric. Turns out I am a complete amateur.

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