Saturday, March 03, 2012

Art quilts by numbers - Farncombe estate

Wow! This is an amazing venue for residential courses. It is a collection of buildings in the Cotswolds spread up a section of hill. It was foggy when I arrived but I bet the views are good. I got here shortly after lunch so I would have time to find my way around and get the room set up. As you can see it was looking good, then we started work ;) The weekend starts in the bar with a free drink and a chat. Then a quick welcome from the manager. After that a three course dinner and then to work. We started with the computer side of art quilts, which is so much easier with a projector there was a risk everyone would fall asleep in a dim room after a good dinner, but actually everyone made it through that section. That took us to the end of the official day. So nearly everyone got started on their quilts. As you can see they have done pretty well. I can see this being a very productive weekend. While I am not officially teaching I am also working on a couple of small quilts of my own. Maybe I will be able to share them tomorrow.

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