Monday, July 04, 2011

Haynes motor museum

Today I had some time to kill between bookings and after some reseach at motorway services I settled on the Haynes Motor Museum. It was a great choice. If nothing else it is related to the Haynes of vehicle manual fame and I loved shopping in the museum shop. They have 11 halls filled with vehicles (2 are filled with motorbikes). Outside they have a few military vehicles too.

As promised the red room is impressive. No they aren't all Ferraris but they are all red. Personally I found the motorsport hall a little disapointing but everything else was better than I expected, so I have no complaints.

From the museum I went to the Haynes publishing company, it seemed rude not to given I was in the area. I've now driven past the workshops which have benn the brunt of much swering when following their manuals. I know they do their best but they do make a lot of errors. Now I am back on route to Taunton for tonights talk to Somerset quilters. I hope it cools down a bit right now it is far too hot to be unloading a van.

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