Thursday, July 07, 2011

Better late than never.

Since I last blogged I've managed a fair amount of milage, but no photos sorry. The evening after the museum I spoke to Somerset Quilters in Taunton. Taunton is a tight place to get a van into, but with a bit of wriggling you can park pretty close to the door of the hall. The caretaker was fantastic there, and by the time the audience were arriving I was pretty much ready for them. I do love it when I can get set up am organized before the hall fills. The group were very appreciative and with the aid of the caretakers trolley packing was really quick.

The drive from there towards Chilcompton was interesting. I should have worked out the Mendip hills might have hills in them. My van is great but it isn't quick up hills. Still we made it and I got parked up before midnight.

The plus point of doing the driving the night before is a little more sleep in the morning and a shorter commute. Midsomer Quilting was only a 20 minute drive in the morning. MQ is at a garden center in what looks like a converted barn, with a workshop separate to the shop. Plenty of parking and despite their appologies the toilets are fine ;) Tuesday we were working on Autumn Leaves, my class based on the quilt 'Golden Storm'. Everyone progressed well leaving with their bindings at least partialy on and some of their leaves done. It sounded like a few of them were planning on carrying on as soon as they got home.

Wednesday was advanced machine quilting. Wow what a day. I was so impressed with how well the students progressed. Most were already accomplished quilters but even those who weren't managed very well. I think everyone went home with at least one new pattern they could not only do, but enjoy. It really is a lot of fun when people grab the ideas you give them and run with it. Several students came up with new and interesting variations of the patterns I was teaching and were happy to help each other, a good day to be teaching.

If you are part of a group in the area it does look like I will be back in the region next year so if you would like to add your group to the booking to save on milage please get in touch.

Now I am in Nottingham. Tonight I am speaking to West Bridgeford Embroiderers Guild. It looks like a good venue from outside so hopefully this is going to be another good night.

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