Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sewing and snow.

Well I know a lot of people don't like this weather but I love it. Especially [as we had to go shopping today. I was not looking forward to the crowds. The snow solved my problem, Watford has been busy, but more like a summer weekday than a Chrismas weekend. A massive improvement. All the present shopping is now done and we are slowly making our way home.

I've been quiet the last week as I've been quilting as much as possible. I've got 9 done despite my machine having a strop. There was a bright side to even that. i got chatting to a new friend who turned out to be an APQS service engineer, and a very nice lady. I still have a lot of quilts to do but I can move in the house now. The quilt in the picture belongs to one of my students. I like her quilts as they as well behaved, but this one had quite challenging instructions. There were areas I had to avoid. That left me with some very odd shapes to quilt. The back shows quite clearly what I came up with. We were both pleased with the result.


Fabric Fanatic said...

Ferret, I love the back of that quilt and can see that sometimes she might display it that way. I can only imagine what the front was like.
Nice winter photo where you are ~ I've been enjoying everyone's pictures of their view of the season.

Ferret said...

I'll ask Jane for a picture of the front. It's just two fabrics, where I have quilted it is dark purple and the bit's I missed are all a very busy oriental print of fans.