Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Can you tell what it is yet?

This was my Thursday afternoon project. Lots of cutting. Hopefully this week I will get a fair amount of it sewn. It is my second sample of speed 5. It is rare for me to have them ready this early in the year but this one has really grabbed me. I can see so many possibilities for it.

I have been working steadily on customer quilts and finally decided that if I am going to be getting this much work I have to have more storage space (20 quilts take up a lot of space) so today I rented a bigger storage unit. To give the business more room we are going to evict more furniture. Sofas take up a lot of room but don't add much so they have to leave.

Saturday I had a great class. I was teaching machine quilting, which I love so it's likely to be a good day. I got really lucky this time and got a whole class of students who really took to it and allowed me to cover far more than I usually get through. I'm still grinning and I hope the students are too as it will mean they are more relaxed and will quilt better. Keep in touch ladies, I want to see where you got from here.


Trudi said...

Space is always an issue, I;ve taken the drastic step of venturing out into the garden, because I have to maintain a home for the family. The speed 5 looks very interesting with lots of quilting potential too!

Rachel Watts said...

Really enjoyed the class on Saturday.
Have seen an improvement in my quilting, but still need loads of practice. Everyone at work is fascinated by the ladies on the bus suffering from cellulite analogy!

Thanks for a great day, looking forward to taking more classes with you in the future.

P.S. the dissolve stabiliser arrived last night. Cats facinated with the envelope.