Monday, May 04, 2009

Home safe

Joker made it through her first weekends racing on one piece. Strangely it seems to have had a positive effect on her, she seems to be running better than ever. Can I claim racing is part of servicing your car? I am going to claim today's racing was good. We ran another 16 second pass with Tet on the brakes at the top end (finish line) to try and slow down. I say try as he still broke out (ran faster than he said he would) and lost the race. It's good from my point of view as it proves the first time wasn't just a fluke.

I've heard that the Patchwork Corner section of the shop hop went well. I am sorry to have missed you guys, but I did have a prior engagement. I will pick up contact details on Wednesday then I can get in touch with people interested in my book. We haven't started taking pre-orders yet, but we will soon, and yes I will be announcing it here. Yes they will be available signed, yes there will be a discount for pre-orders, and no I don't know how much postage is yet. I think that covers the first round of questions.

On the quilting front I am now pretty much booked up for customer work before the NEC show in August. I have a very few emergency slots left. As I mentioned before I am offering a discount to people who book a quilt in now to be done later in the year. So if you have a quilt that isn't urgent this is your chance to get a bargain.

I was thrilled last week to get a large box of hand dyed fabric in for the States. Buying online can be tricky, but this will be perfect for the project I bought it for. Sadly as with so much I am doing at the moment I can't show you yet (yes I does upset me to not be able to share) but I am sure it will be worth the wait. I'm finding with several of the projects I am working on now fabrics are hard to find. I've had to massively expand my range of greens as two of the projects need them. One wants lots of mucky dull green and the other wants all the bright leaf greens. It's strange after years of avoiding it to now be actively seeking green. I guess I aught to think about doing some work while I wait for Trogdor to be delivered (he is going to a garage on a lorry) then I will need to think about retrieving Tet. I'm sorry but when I get Jokers on track photos I will have to bore you with them, proud mother syndrome :) I can't tell you how chuffed I am that she ran two 16second passes and didn't piddle on the track at all.


Cy Dethan said...

Ah, so that's what "breaking out" means! All the non-"help, my computer died!" conversations I've had with Tet over the last two years suddenly make sense now. :)

Congratulations on Joker's good running, and best wishes to Trogdor.

CatFang said...

Good girl, Joker, I knew she could do it.

Poor Trogdor though.

I recommend tipping a bit of coke on both their radiators :)

Liz said...

I'm really pleased for you, even if he broke out again. I feel like I learned something this weekend! Thanks, twas fun on Saturday. Sorry to Tet about the results for the competition thing but yay way to go Joker!!