Monday, December 10, 2007

Nearly holiday time

It's nearly time for me to have some fun and work on my own projects, and boy am I looking forward to it. My last customer quilt before Christmas is on the frame and will be finished hopefully tomorrow. I have a shop sample I want to get done this week as well, but then I am free until the new year.

I have two designs drawn up and ready to work on which I am really keen to get started on. I want them both to be in my solo show next year so I need to get them done. I also want to make another whole cloth or three. OK so I probably won't get all of those done but I would like to do at least one, and I like to have a project on the frame and one in the sewing room so I can swap between them. I have to have some sewing I can do whilst watching the Christmas Lectures don't I. I might even find other things on worth watching while I work on the off frame pieces. I can't wait, but somehow I don't mind that I have work to finish either. I guess that is the bonus of enjoying what you do right?

A quilt I sold last year is here, it was funny to see it again on a blog. It's rather nice though. Something like an old friend calling you out of the blue. It's good to know it is being enjoyed.


Nellie's Needles said...

It's nice to know where that wonderful art deco quilt found a home. I like seeing the photo of you in the sidebar. Thanks.

Ferret said...

I though it was about time I bit the bullet and put a picture of me up. I did a lot of playing with this blog yesterday mostly because I wanted the tag cloud. I think it should be useful if I can get it all standardised.