Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Busy but boring

Sorry I am rather quiet but I've been doing lots of very boring things recently. Holiday apparently means time to catch up on paperwork, and the business side of the business. Not the most thrilling things to blog about. I don't think a photo of the piles of paper would really improve it either. Still it had to be done and I am glad I've been getting things sorted. It is amazing how much I seem to spend on printing in this supposed paperless world. I also find it amazing how few printers will give me a quote. I've asked seven I think and got none. Do they want work? My local printer will do everything I want but I know they are quite expensive and I don't really have money to throw away, but if they are the only ones who will give me a price I guess I have to go with them. You know it is bad when you start thinking of having an American company print posters and leaflets for you as they will quote. I think the shipping will wipe out the savings so for now I will stick with the UK.

I do have several quilt projects to work on over the holiday (well what is left of it) I have two exciting nearly nudes I want to do, maybe I will start drawing the pattern today. Only problem is one won't tell me what colour it should be so I can't actually start cutting fabric. maybe by the time I finish the first the second will be more chatty.

So rest assured as soon as I do something less boring I will share it but until then good luck preparing for the festive season.

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