Saturday, January 19, 2013

Round 2 threads

I've finally got the applique onto my new quilt. It's taken 2 weeks solid work to doit and my hand doesn't love me. Now I have to quilt it and that means another large selection of threads. These are actually a lot more grey than they look and as they are all I have in the range I just hope they are enough. I already suspect the pale is too pale which makes things tricky. I guess I will do what I can and if I have to resort to cunning tricks so be it.

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Valerie Smith said...

Love your blog, I have been lurking and commenting once in blue moon over the years. I see you're on the APQS forums once in a while too - I just bought my first used APQS! I was just curious what brand thread you are using and how you choose for a you often buy a new selection of thread for each piece?