Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Am I back?

Well long time no see. Between blogger being new and improved (also known as unusable) my phone having a hard time and now very poor net access in Houston, blogging has not been easy. This will have to be a short post as the only way to get net access involves holding a heavy laptop in a very painful position.

Still I am in Houston and I have to share a couple of photos from last night. This is Brigit collecting her prize at the awards show. How cool is this? She came to my class in Sitges as well as wining loads of prizes there. It was amazing to not only see her again but to see her in this position. Her quilt is really amazing and does entirely deserve the awards. I was really pleased with this class actually as several of the quilts I thought were amazing collected awards.

Anyway I wasn't kidding, this is really uncomfortable so I will leave this here.

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