Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Quilter know thyself

Ho hum, I really should know myself better. The last few days I haven't been able to settle to anything for any length of time. I have managed to do a lot of washing and paper work but no t much sewing. That should have rung alarm bells. Some of the paperwork did need doing but normally I have to dilute it with fun stuff. Finally I realised the my paper work and washing obsession was the same as my loo cleaning probelm, there was something I wasn't doing.

I gave myself a stern talking to and figured out the problem. I have a test piece on the frame left over from Sandown, and I really wanted to play on it. I also wanted to get it out of the way and do a couple of quilts but I was doing 5-10 minutes then giving up. My quilting wasn't working, which was because the machine wasn't sitting flat. Duh! Well it's not the most fun job in the world because I have very little room to work in but the machine is now more level and useable. I'll get Tet to help me finish leveling it. I took the chance to play with some new stencils. I've not liked stecils because I find following the line really hard but today they went pretty well. I'm looking forward to using these in anger. I can't help wondering if Jennys quilt has improved my skills in this area.

My plan is now to get this off the frame and extract the last of the Ferret Bites then get on with some serious customer work. I just wish I had worked out the problem sooner. On the other hand I suppose taking a break and doing paperwork is good too. I'll have to get the rest of our Sandown quilts up on here too, but that will probably be tomorrow now.

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