Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is going to be hectic.

I've just been checking my travel arrangements, and it's dawned on me quite how busy this year is going to be. On the other hand there should be lots of options for people to see my work, which is really cool. The manic session starts with Quiltfest. This is a two week exhibition in Llangollen, it is open every week day from the 1st of February till the 12th. On Sunday the 12th is trader day, when there is a hall full of quilt traders as well as the exhibition. I should have a couple of new pieces on display there.

In the middle of this I will be in Northern Ireland for the weekend of the 4th-5th. Well it beats sitting around doing nothing right :) It sounds like that will be quite an interesting area, but with 2 classes and a talk I suspect I won't get to see much of Ireland. Hope the airports are exciting :)

After the  show I will be teaching at a couple of venues on the way home. Quick trip home and my regular classes then back to Quarterjack quilters in Dorset. Then things get really busy, yup, this was the warm up.

At the beginning of March I will be teaching at a weekend retreat at Farncombe Estate. It will be my first class there but I am really looking forward to it. Some of my students have been there and highly recommend it, certainly the staff sound good and are really helpful. I will be teaching my art quilts by numbers class. As it is a whole weekend there will be time for students to make patterns from their own photos. In a day class I can't cover that much ground so it's a great chance to teach more about my art quilt techniques. There are still a few more places on the course if you would like to join me.

From there I head north, Peebles in the Scottish Borders. Yeah that's a bit of a trek, but it looks like I can get home on the way and I think I've even found a reasonable train ticket. I seem to have got a bit ambitious, I'm teaching in Peebles one day and Hemel Hempstead the next! Just as well there is a sleeper service and it's the cheapest way to do it as well. I might even manage dinner in Scotland before I head home. Fortunately I then have a couple of days to repack before heading out to Spain. I am thrilled to have been invited to have a gallery at the Spanish Patchwork Group show in Sitges. I will also be teaching a couple of classes there. Oh, it will also be my first visit to Spain. I guess that must be pretty rare for a Brit, but not being a sun lover I've not got around to it.

Well I'm tired just thinking about this, so I guess it must be time to quilt and not think about it until it happens.


Borderline Quilter said...

Hmmm...Peebles eh!

When is that, what class are you teaching?

Best wishes
Kay in Scotland

Ferret said...

I'm teaching Tulips I think. The group details will be on my web calendar on my main web site