Friday, April 22, 2011

Santa Pod - Easter Thunderball

As many of you know I decided I had to take a few days off, and I thought the racing was the ideal holiday. Of course it couldn't be that simple, Tet decided he wanted to race so my engine had to be rebuilt. It's been a very busy couple of weeks as I still needed to get my word done as well as making sure the car is ready. Wednesday night we were running in the engine and Thursday the oil was changed, rev counter fitted and we made it to the track.

My idea of a good holiday is one where I can lie in bed in the morning listening to race cars warm up. This morning the cars provided, it was lovely, and before breakfast we were through scrutineering. The photo is from my walk to sign on. It's a lovely bonnet isn't it.

Our first run we dialed in 16.5, the car should be able to run that easily, but of course we haven't tried the rebuilt engine yet. When it came to it, the launch was poor (but then this is my road car) and Tet decided to take things carefully, 18.05 is pretty slow, but it is safe and the car is still happy.

On the quilt front I have almost finished the one I started at the track almost a year ago. I would love to get it finished today then I can start my next project while I'm here.

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Susan Briscoe said...

Cool bonnet art!