Thursday, November 25, 2010

What year is it?

I'll admit I've been busy, and yes keeping track of the day of the week can be a challenge to me. I will even admit to getting the year confused when it first changes, but right now I am fairly sure it is 2010. This was part of my change this evening. It is one of the new olympic coins. I always look at my coins to see if I've got an interesting one, or a really new one. This is the first time I've ever had next years though. Anyone know if the Royal Mint have actually released next years coins already?


Emma said...

Well spotted! But aren't the London Olympics 2012 anyway?!

jan said...

They are indeed and what a pity it wasn't one of those with NO DATE, they are worth a lot lot more than the cover of 20p
They are out there, somewhere, I would like just one of them please. Pretty please.

Ferret said...

To have the coins in circulation for the olympics they need to get them out the year before. I can see that, but why don't this years coins have this years date?