Friday, October 22, 2010

Vulcan XH558

You may be aware that I am quite fond of vehicles. OK maybe obsessed would be the right word, and Vulcan bombers are a particular favourite of mine. Whenever I've had spare cash I've been trying to support the Vulcan to the Sky trust to restore, and fly Vulcan XH558. She is now the only airworthy Vulcan left. She has been doing displays and has been much enjoyed by many people. She is now struggling. She has been hit with a cash flow crisis.

The staff at the trust have been given a months notice and at the end of October the Board of Trustees will have to make a decision on her fate. They haven't got the funds now to keep trading till next year, when she has all her bookings to attend displays. There is a risk this last flying Vulcan may have to be sold to another country to keep her flying. I think it would be a great shame to lose this piece of our history. So if you've been thinking about supporting her in the past, this is the moment. There is merchandise you  can buy in the online shop, or you can just donate her some raw cash. If, like many I suspect, you would like to support her but don't have the spare money, how about passing on the message that she needs a hand? It costs you nothing and could make all the difference. As they say, she is the peoples aircraft, only people can keep her in the country and flying.

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Trudi said...

She's a magestic aircraft and we should not forget that it was the Vulcan that was used in anger at Port Stanley! Sadly missed from our skies, especially here in Bomber County!