Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Free quilt patterns

Being on several mail lists I get a lot of messages suggesting sites and blogs I might be interested in. I look at a lot, but few really grab me. This one however I think is great. Cindy has several quilt patterns available for free, in a nice range of complexity. Take a look, you might fins something will tickle your fancy too. Quilt patterns from Seattle, by Cindy Carter.


Cindy said...

Hi Ferret,

It is amazing that we can contact each other half way across the globe. You have a wonderful, creative mind and I like your work.
Thanks for visiting my site and your kind words.

Cindy Carter
Quilt Patterns from Seattle

Ferret said...

It's a small world now isn't it. I try to say things as I see them. Most free patterns leave me cold, but I really like the range yours have. I've printed Autumn in the Southwest to have a go at.

Something else that really appealed is your copyright notice. Sensible, generous and clear. I like that.

HAd you thought about adding a request for pictures of quilts made from your patterns? It might be nice to start a gallery of quilts people have made with your help.

Cindy said...

I had time this morning to look at all of your wonderful creations in detail.. your work is fabulous and such a variety of ideas. I can tell that you are never bored with all of that going on in your head. Are you really an astrophysicist? How did you find time to do that and all your art?