Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't you just love it when a plan doesn't come together?

Yes I said doesn't, and yes I did mean it. I had a plan. It seemed like a very good plan, I did a test and everything. I wanted to have the first of the outer borders onto my quilt before it went to Scotland and I am going to use my new technique for doing it. However when I pinned it on (or tried to) it was too short. I was very upset but headed to the bath to console myself. As ever, my best ideas are had in the bath. Had it been the right length, the way I have quilted it would mean I couldn't get the last two borders on. It would have been a real disaster. As it is it will work perfectly. How weird is that? So I will very proudly show my latest quilt, very unfinished and in two pieces as the talk on Saturday. At least it gives me something else to talk about. For those of you who can't make the talk (and why not Scotland is lovely and it really isn't that far) I will post some pictures either while I am there or when I get back. I am hoping to find lots of inspiration while I am there, I think if I am very lucky I might get to two castles which would be great. I am told the landscape in that area (Crathes) is good too, so who knows what I might find. I wonder if there are any local shaggy cattle. I would love to do a quilt of them.

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