Monday, April 21, 2008

Best laid plans.

So much for a quiet day. Still plenty of people were having worse ones. Our thoughts are with the biker who had an accident on the North Circular yesterday evening, and everyone else having a hard time. As you will have noticed I didn't get to post yesterday and actually I didn't even have time to upload my pictures.

While I was at home last week I was working on a charity quilt, in aid of a childrens playround in Essex. Despite the quilt being very pale in colour I absolutely love it. It is quite traditional so I had an excuse to cover it with feathers. Well all the plain areas anyway. Look out for pictures.

My travels took me to two quilt groups this week, one in Brighton and one near Oxford. The Oxford group kindly gave me a bundle of quilt source material. Otherwise known as a bunch of flowers. I am taking their pictures daily to get as many different images as I can.

The ladies in Brighton were making my Square in a Square sampler. Well 16 of them were. The 17th is making her own design, it looks great, I can't wait to see it finished.

Now I am finally getting to the paperwork and email I wanted to do yesterday. So if you have been waiting for a reply to something you should have it by the end of today. I've been making good progress and will continue to do so once my errands are run.

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