Monday, August 24, 2009

FOQ - Gallery

I can't believe how many pictures I have that I want to share with you guys. I am planning a gallery tour like the one I did for the Dissenters Gallery show, but this one is so big I will have to split it over several days. Today I thought we could start with a walk around the outside of the gallery. I was very lucky to not only be given a huge space but also a very central location. My gallery had a shared back wall and three sides that opened onto aisles. The gallery behind and to the left of me was occupied by Denys Short. He was showing a wonderful collection of his paintings inspired by quilts. I couldn't believe how much he had managed to fit in, and it looked great. Walking from his stand you come to the first opening into my space. On each side of this entrance I have a black wholecloth. To the left you can see 'Guide Me', and to the right 'Winter star'. Don't worry we will be back for a closer look later.

As we get to the corner of my stand you can get the first look at my archway. I had planned to quilt an arch to go in this position but it was one of the things I just didn't have time to do. I had come to terms with it when I was talking to Jan (the very helpful man who built my stand) and he mentioned he could make things like arches but no one ever asked. Well that was the wrong comment, I asked, and boy did he deliver. I loved it and it did make my stand very easy to spot.

On our walk to the corner we come past 'Flying Feathers', this white wholecloth was in competition her last year and won the longarm quilting award. You can also see the small nude Heat, framing the second entrance to the gallery. As we carry on around to the front of the gallery you can see in to my longarm. I spent a lot of time during the show showing people how I quilt. They were very surprised to find there is no computer on my machine I just make it up as I go along. Mostly it works out. Above the machine is 'Herd Mentality'. I am so grateful to team from the Houston quilt show, they got it back to me in time to hang here. To the left of the central opening is 'In Full Bloom' and to the right you can see 'Radiance'.

Moving on we come to the fourth entrance to the gallery. Excuse the tripod, it was desperate to get into at least one photo. Through this entrance you can see 'Brief Moment of Clarity' to your left. On the right are two of the pieces I have been keeping as a surprise, but more on them later. To the far left of the picture you can just the 'Nude Triptych', I was amazed by how fondly this was remembered and by how many people. I never imagined that my work would stick in peoples heads for so long and I am so thrilled when it does. It was also wonderful to hear from people who had seen my quilts all over the world. It's like getting postcards from the quilts.

Finally the fifth entrance, this one is exactly opposite the first. The black quilt on the left should be familiar to regular readers, it is 'Joker' I posted a lot of in progress photos of it. This was because I wanted it's new owners to feel that had seen it grow, and I think it worked. The pink quilt is one of two in the gallery that I didn't make. It was made by a student in one of my regular classes and is her first ever quilt. I had wanted to hang the quilt that is on the front cover of my book, but I didn't have enough long walls. Who would have thought in a gallery this size I was still short of large spaces? This quilt can be seen on the back cover of the book. Looking through the gallery you can see 'Bicameral Pierot'.This is one of the few quilts I hadn't planned on having in the show. It is hanging in the spot of a quilt I found I didn't need to make when the time came. I love this quilt, even though it was very unpopular with show judges and it was great to see it hanging again. I have to find it a space in the house. Next to it you can just see a glimpse of 'Phoenix Rising'. To see more if it come back and follow the rest of this tour. I will set up a poll so people can choose which door we start our trip with. The gallery tells a different story depending on where you start and when I set it up I decided I was happy to let people discover it in their own way. So vote now for where we will go tomorrow.


Stephen Downey said...

I spy a picture of Cy.

Hope you had a great weekend all round :)

Ferret said...

It was great. We should have worked harder on getting you there Bad Rain was amazingly well received. I can't wait till you see it in real life. Nic will try and arrange for it to be at Birmingham.

Trudi said...

Thank you for showing us round, I was unable to attend, for which I was gutted, but thankful you are showing us round now. Loving the commentary with it too :o) Personal show guide - what luxury!

Anonymous said...

Ferret, thanks for the tour. I sure wish I had been able to attend your show. I vote to start at the arch.
Cher in BC